HydraForce Introduces New Innercept™ Digital Proportional Control

The Innercept digital proportional control with LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) is a new product designed by HydraForce, that offers plug-and-play simplicity, with servovalve accuracy. Due to growing demand in the market for high-precision control, quick response time, and improved efficiency, Innercept provides the quickest speed to market, and flexibility for implementing high-accuracy digital proportional operation for today’s mobile machinery. Specifically created for off-highway precision applications including autonomous machines, Innercept digital proportional control achieves more stable functions with increased precision, better performance in the field, near-perfect repeatability, and enhanced accuracy. It delivers an economical solution that is easily adapted for variety of applications.

About The Product:

HydraForce’s new Digital Proportional Control (patent pending) is a highly compact, proportional control valve with integrated LVDT (liner variable differential transformer) that delivers exceptional linearity and repeatability.

This uniquely designed LVDT has been adapted for application with cartridge valve technology, and when attached to a solenoid-operated proportional valve, forms a flow control which can be combined with a wide range of additional cartridge valves to form a customized hydraulic circuit: resulting in more stable autonomous functions.

Courtesy of HydraForce.

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