Harrison Valve introduces high-pressure valve

Harrison Valve released a new line of robust industrial gas valves for high pressure DOT and UN ISO cylinders from 4500-6000PSI service pressure. The new double o-ring ultra-high-pressure brass valves are designed with heavy gauge forgings and internal parts to deliver industrial strength performance during the most critical applications in breathing air cascade systems, safety, and mining applications.

“HARRISON engineers designed the VH valve specific for ultra-high-pressure for cylinders exceeding 3000PSI”, explained Zachary Schwartz, technical manager at Harrison Valve, “These valves are used in critical applications that demand extremely low leak rates for the most demanding high pressure environments.” The VH Series are available in many configurations for CGA valve outlets such as CGA347, CGA677, CGA680, CGA695, CGA701, CGA702 and CGA703 as well as most international outlets. Common cylinder inlets such as ¾”NGT, and ¾”-24OS and 25E for UN ISO are available.

“Although the 4500 to 6000PSI high-pressure segment makes up a small percentage of cylinder valve sales in the US markets, the new VH Series helps balance the full Harrison Valve product offering, allowing customers to single source their cylinder valve requirements. Additionally, the new VH Series will provide international opportunities where high pressure cylinders have been more widely accepted”, stated Ron Barnett, vice president of Sales for Harrison Valve.

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