HAM-LET introduces ultra fast diaphragm valve

HAM-LET, a manufacturer of instrumentation valves and fittings for industrial and high purity fluid and gas delivery systems has launched its Ultra Fast (UF series) Diaphragm Valve for Atomic Layer Deposition.

“Our UF series unique flow adjustment mechanism, patent pending no. US 61/910,79, allows for precise flow adjustment and stable flow capacity during rapid high cycle operation,” said Felix Shestatski, vice president of Quality, Engineering and R&D at HAM-LET. The optional extended bonnet and cooling fin provide a superb solution when precise and repeatable performance in high-temperature applications is required. The UF series offers high sealing performance and remarkable durability in hazardous environments, under severe demands of ultra-fast actuation for ultra-high purity (UHP) applications.

The UF series meets the demand for high-precision diaphragm valves that can perform repeatable and reproducible performance over an extremely frequent and large number of cycles, required by ALD applications. The UF series also offers a wide range of applicable accessories, such as position indicators, direct mounted solenoid valves, integrated thermocouples, heaters and more. HAM-LET also developed a special high temperature fully immersed version of UF valve for 120°C, enabling position indication and with special inductive sensor designator. The UF series is available in surface mount (IGS) and in-line type of connections, 2-way and multiport configurations.

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