GF Piping PVC & CPVC PRVs for chemical processing

New PVC and CPVC Pressure Regulating Valves (PRVs) from GF Piping Systems, based in Irvine, California, feature compact size, modular design and highly chemical resistant plastic construction with no exposed metal parts. Offered in two models, the Pressure Reducing Type 582 Valve for maintaining constant outlet pressure, and the Pressure Retaining Type 586 Valve for constant inlet pressure, these valves are well suited for the many aggressive chemical processing applications.

With easier and safer operation in mind, the new PRVs feature a central housing nut that eliminates re-torqueing and injection molded arrows to indicate flow direction. Operational performance includes tightness resistant to temperature cycling with constant and low vibrating control behavior.

Other outstanding features include a modular system design that simplifies maintanance and reworks. With replaceable cartridges, users can simply swap out cartridges when needed while keeping a handy spare parts inventory. PRVs can be ordered with or without pressure gauges that can be installed on both sides of the valve in any position.

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