GEMÜ Releases Q-series Pinch Valves

GEMÜ has added a series of pinch valves with single use capability and easy tube change-out. The Q50 eSyStep is the motorized version of the new pinch valves, also including the pneumatically operated Q30 and Q40 piston actuators, in plastic and stainless steel. The valves are designed for single-use applications, with easy replacement of tubes, and one valve size can be used for several nominal tube sizes. Applications include chromatography, media mixing, fermentation, cell harvesting, purification, and filtration. 

The GEMÜ Q50 eSyStep 2/2-way pinch valve is motorized with the eSyStep electric actuator, which is available as ON/OFF or with an integrated positioner. The pneumatically operated GEMÜ Q30 2/2-way pinch valve features a plastic piston actuator. The GEMÜ Q40 2/2-way pinch valve features a stainless-steel piston actuator and is also pneumatically operated.

A compressor is used to control or regulate the flow of media in the tube and has been specially developed with a contour design to ensure minimal pressure is applied. This minimizes tubing stress, and extends service life. They are designed for simple replacement of tubes without the need for any tools. In addition, a circlip (or C-clip) prevents accidental opening of the tube bracket with the tube holder also serving as a safety guard during operation.

Image credit: GEMÜ Group
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