Emerson’s latest ball valves

Premium industrial goods company Emerson Electric Co. recently reinforced its product portfolio with the invention of a new metal-seated ball valve. The company’s business unit, Emerson Process Management, has launched the new ball valves under the name Fisher Z500 for its customers.
Fisher Z500 ball valves are capable of enduring high pressure, temperature as well as extreme erosive conditions that any conventional on/off ball valve cannot withstand. Hence, these new metal-seated ball valves offer greater protection for vital assets in any demanding application. These valves comprise unique technology to process back pressure with shutoff necessities in both flow directions. Moreover, they possess greater security-enhancing features. Also, the self-energized metal body of these valves eliminates the existence of leak paths.
Emerson Electric is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company. It offers a wide range of products and services in areas like process management, climate technologies, network power, storage solutions, professional tools, appliance solutions, motor technologies, and industrial automation. The company’s Process Management operating system provides intelligent control systems & software, measurement instruments, and valves in the market. We believe that such new innovations would enhance Emerson Electric’s brand status as well as top-line results in the near future.

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