Emerson deploys downhole wireless sensor system

Emerson Process Management announced the successful first deployment of its Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System. The new instrument has been deployed as part of the completion on Statoil’s Skuld field in the Norwegian North Sea, where it is measuring online and in real-time pressure and temperature information from behind the casing in the subsea production well.

The Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System consists of an Integrated Downhole Network (IDN) system to carry signals from the wellbore to the customer-monitoring system, a Downhole Network Controller Card (DHNC) placed in the subsea structure, and a wireless reader and PT Transponder. It provides Statoil with a tool for well-integrity monitoring and offshore safety as well as adherence to Norwegian legal requirements to monitor pressure in the B annulus behind the well casing.
The Roxar Downhole Wireless PT Sensor System enables operators to monitor Annulus B pressure and temperature wirelessly and continuously online for the life of the well, providing positive confirmation of the pressure barrier’s integrity. The tool can also negate the sometimes excessive and expensive over-dimensioning of casings that can take place to compensate for worst-case scenarios and will also potentially provide operators with significant cost savings previously incurred due to their lack of ability to verify barrier integrity.
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