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NSSC: continuous improvement and upgrade to expand synergy effects

Following the successful integration of three business units to create NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation last year, the company has grown from strength to strength. Proud to call itself Japan’s largest integrated manufacturer of stainless steel, the synergies generated have produced a lean and efficient company.


Ensitech sponsors stunning public sculpture
Ensitech is sponsoring the Art for Architecture’s stainless steel tribute to the regions shipbuilding past.


Continual improvement: duplex stainless steels prosper with better formability
This year duplex is celebrating its 90th birthday, albeit in very trying circumstances. The sector has been badly affected by the Corona virus, though some markets are performing better than others.


A passion for corrosion knowledge and stainless steels
Having spent most of his career focused on corrosion and corrosion resistant materials, Professor Thomas Ladwein is a widely recognised authority on the subject.


Making eco-friendly waves
Governments and businesses the world over are starting to take an interest in a new, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly ship hull, built entirely from high-strength, super- and hyper-duplex stainless steel.


Novel pickling process eliminates waste, lowers cost
A novel system by a green-tech start-up in Austria enables total recovery of all picking waste acid contents, allowing full recycling of the products.


A stainless approach to protecting the environment
Safeguarding Australia’s environmental biosecurity is critical in preventing the introduction and spread of pests and diseases. The quarantine facility in northern Melbourne is setting the benchmark in international best practice with the use of stainless steel.


Mirror-polish ceiling in Norman Foster Foundation Pavilion
A pavilion in Norman Foster Foundation’s headquarters in Madrid displays objects that have inspired Lord Foster and his work.


Energy partnership delivers multiple benefits
Mannesmann Stainless Tubes has developed an energy performance contract with EON to reduce energy costs whilst contributing to environmental sustainability.


Is stainless steel technology becoming redundant for bioprocessing?
Is stainless steel already being considered a legacy product as we journey towards fast, closed and process-intensified manufacturing systems using single-use technology?


South Korean biogas plant produces heat from food waste
South Korea is the first East Asian country to set a timeframe to end its contribution to climate change. Biomass to biogas plants have an important role to play.


Stainless steel behind high-tech visual art
Stainless steel wedge wire grating has been instrumental in delivering ‘Aquatique’, the first sculptural water installation of its design in the Southern Hemisphere.


Permanent building protection with duplex rebar
Rustproof and durable – in the construction industry, the requirements for reinforcement, anchoring and fastening are stringent.  French Swiss Steel Group subsidiary Ugitech has developed a new reinforcing duplex steel for the permanent protection of structures against corrosion.


New study shows life cycle of stainless steels
Team Stainless has published ‘The Global Life Cycle of Stainless Steels’, a summary of the results of a study which quantifies the stocks and flows cycle of stainless steels.


Materials Scientists develop alloy for solar power
Engineers at Dartmouth have received a three-year USD 750,000 grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a new high-temperature tubing material.