Danfoss releases new PVG 16 valve features

Danfoss Group Global (Danfoss), a manufacturer of valves and fluid handling components for HVAC and industrial applications, with divisions in North and South America, have released the new PVG 16 valve. This new valve provides low-flow requirement customers with increased productivity and excellent modularity, all while lowering total system costs.

As well, the PVG 16 is the first Danfoss low-flow load-sensing valve with electrohydraulic actuator technology — the PVE Series 6. Incorporating a microcontroller for closed loop spool position control, the PVE Series 6 actuator delivers total spool controllability and built-in fault monitoring.

The PVG 16 is rated for a flow of up to 65 l/min (17.2 gpm) and work-port pressure of up to 400 bar (5,800 psi), and it is based on proven PVG technology and high-quality components. The valve is also designed with a high tolerance toward temperature variations, which ensures robust, reliable valve performance in all conditions.

Key applications that benefit from implementation of the PVG 16 include a broad range of low-flow mobile machinery. The implementation of PVG 16 increases productivity, lowers total system costs, and makes it easier to meet emissions and safety regulations.

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