Danflo Surge Relief Systems Provide Critical Protection Against Pipeline Surge and Pressure Spikes

Celeros Flow Technology’s brand M&J Valve has published a new brochure detailing the products and services offered in this field.

M&J Valve’s range of surge relief systems are based on the DANFLO axial surge relief flow control valve, which offers a very quick response time and high flow capacity, making it ideally suited to surge control applications. These valves are engineered to track unabated surge-wave pressure transient: opening quickly, then closing without slamming shut.

Alongside these surge relief valves (SRV), M&J Valve offers a compact control module, comprising a control panel, bottle rack and plenum. DANFLO SRVs and control modules can be specified as individual units or as part of a single- or multi-run skid system. For the ultimate in surge relief protection, M&J Valve also offers its patented rate-of-rise system. This combines the DANFLO SRV with a predictive pressure rate-of-rise system to allow pre-emptive action against a developing surge event.

In addition to its quality OEM surge flow valves and systems, M&J Valve offers customers total lifecycle support, including modular and highly customizable skid construction, engineering design services, installation and commissioning, and maintenance services.

Courtesy of Celeros Flow Technology.

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