Clarke certifies shutter valve design

Clarke Industrial Engineering Inc., the exclusive manufacturer of Shutter Valves, completed a series of independent certifications at National Board of Testing, located in Worthington, Ohio. The company’s valve was subjected to a number of rigorous tests and achieved an unprecedented level of performance. The Shutter Valve achieved bubble tight shut off (Class 6 zero leakage) at 150 PSI and 300 PSI. Shell Strength passed with zero leakage at 150 PSI and 300 PSI certification pressures. Torque testing to unseat the mechanism at zero pressure was 50 in-lbs. and at 300 PSI only an additional 20 in-lbs. of torque was required, for a total of 70 in-lbs.
The Shutter Valve uniquely offers a combination of zero pressure drop, full piggability, zero flow restriction, the world’s most precise flow control, negligible turbulence, low water hammer, low cavitation, low noise, ultra-thin foot print, plug & play adaptability, very low power consumption and high long term reliability. The patented Shutter Valve is made in a wide variety of sizes and materials to suit all industrial applications.

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