Celeros Flow Technology Offers Pipelines Constant Protection from Surge Events

Surge events in liquid pipelines can cause severe infrastructure damage, loss of product and environmental harm, as well as a significant threat to personnel safety. Through its M&J Valve brand, Celeros Flow Technology has developed a patented surge relief solution that reacts to unexpected pipeline pressure surge events in a rapid and efficient manner.

This solution integrates the DANFLO surge relief valve into a fully skidded surge relief system that provides protection against dangerous pressure spikes in piping systems and pipeline surges. DANFLO Surge Relief Valves are rated ANSI 150-900 and essentially comprise a dynamically balanced plug assembly that slides back and forth easily to rapidly open, close and throttle.  DANFLO valve technology is used in the M&J Valve rate-of-rise surge relief system. This innovative design combines a surge pressure relief valve with a predictive pressure rate-of-rise system to allow preventive action against a developing surge event.

Courtesy of Celeros Flow Technology.

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