VMA & HI Present Market Outlook Workshop

On August 5th and 6th, gain insights from end-user market experts that you can use to plan, prepare and succeed. The Valve Manufacturers Association (VMA) and the Hydraulic Institute (HI) partner again to bring together global and national economic experts, as well as the experts who research and follow the economic indicators for end use markets important to the valve and pump industries.

Val-Matic Valve Acquired by A.Y. McDonald

A.Y. McDonald recently acquired Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corporation, of Elmhurst, Illinois. Val-Matic Valve was founded in 1966 by Andrew Nuter and is a manufacturer of 14 valve product lines for the water and wastewater, industrial, commercial building construction, and plumbing industries.


While COVID-19 guidelines prohibit physical donations of items, the PVF Roundtable started a fundraising campaign called STOCK THE PANTRY – a food drive for students in need.

Special Topic Case Study: Chemical & Petrochemical

Entrained Gas Management and In-situ Verification Improves Reliability and Decreases Downtime. Global chemical company, BASF, opted for the new Coriolis meter technology as the centerpiece of its Freeport, Texas plant’s safety instrumented system (SIS).

The Preventative Maintenance Mindset

How to Quantify the True Cost of Inaction? Many of us have heard of lean initiatives such as predictive maintenance.

US Industry to Suffer Longer than China After COVID

As of late August the U.S. economy has recovered from a low in April of 51% of its 2019 high to 78% now. However, the coronavirus continues to hamper the recovery.

Maintain Proper Flow even with Changing Inlet Pressures

The pressure compensating proportional valve from Kelly Pneumatics utilizes the company’s patented proportional valve technology.

Expand Your Business’ Opportunities

The Hose + Coupling World Americas Conference & Expo is fast approaching and will deliver a high-quality, informative networking event for all attendees.

How to Set up a Successful Maintenance Program

Approaches to maintenance strategies vary from one company to another. Some rely on a run-to-failure strategy and deal as best they can with equipment that breaks in an unpredicted manner.

How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact the Valve Market?

In September of 1918, Philadelphia held a Liberty Loan parade - an event to boost bond selling and thus help the U.S. World War I effort.