News related to suppliers  and product launches in the domain of Instrumentation, including sensing devices to measure process parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow, velocity, composition, density, weight; and mechanical and electrical parameters such as vibration, position, power, current and voltage.

Oliver Valvetek Supply on Short Lead-Time To South America

Oliver Valvetek distributes the first of two orders for its Subsea ¾” Actuated Gate Valves, earmarked for South America.

Val‐Matic Valves For The Power Industry

Val‐Matic’s QuarterTurn, Air Valves and Check Valves are designed to meet the unique needs of the Power Generation industry in areas such as renewable power natural gas, nuclear energy, oil, and coal.          

Conval Introduces New Clampseal Unit Tandem Blowdown Valves

New Clampseal Unit Tandem Blowdown Valves for boiler blowdown and bottom blow-off service are now available from Conval.

Neles Q-Disc Flow Balancing Trim for Neldisc Butterfly Valves

New patent pending Q-Disc design features extreme flow balancing for control service.

Emerson’s New Valves for Hydrogen Fueling Stations Ensure Maintenance Safety, Minimizes Leaks

Emerson has launched the TESCOM Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation H2 Valve Series for hydrogen applications up to 15,000 pounds-per-square-inch (psi) (103.4 megapascal (MPa)). The new solution reliably isolates process pressure in high pressure gas applications such as hydrogen fueling stations and tube trailers, reducing fugitive emissions, and improving safety.

Oliver Twinsafe Valves of Many Colours

Oliver Twinsafe’s in-house paint shop has been busy applying the finishing paint to an order of several hundred double block and bleed valves that are bound for Saudi Arabia.

Bolting Systems’ Newest High Cycle Hydraulic Torque Wrench

SPX Flow, a leading provider of process solutions for the industrial markets, is releasing the latest tool from Bolting Systems’ High Cycle Hydraulic Torque Wrench (TWHC) series.

Commissioning Ball Valves Planning Preventative Measures and Post-Installation

Ball valves act as on-off systems intended to control liquid flow.

Electrak LL Linear Actuators: Long Life At High-Duty Cycle In Harsh Environments

The new Thomson Electrak LL smart electric linear actuator was specially designed to ensure long and trouble-free operation in the toughest applications.

Hydrogen Valve Collaboration – Only Oliver’s Could Do

Oliver Twinsafe have been working with their sister companies: Oliver Hydcovalves, and Oliver R&D, to prepare their 2” Metal Seated Trunnion ball valve ready for hydrogen applications.