Buckling Pin Technology emergency shut down valve

The Buckling Pin Technology pilot is able to convert any gas actuated valve into a relief or emergency shutdown valve. The pin can buckle at an exact set point when the pilot senses differential, upstream or downstream pressure. A piston shifts a two position five way spool valve which shifts the valve actuator. The pilot can be used on ball, gate or butterfly valves and the pressure, size or vacuum rating depends on the primary valve selected. When automatic reseating is not an issue, the combination can lower the cost of conventional systems.
The Model “JA” Emergency Shutdown Valve has been introduced. Using the Buckling Pin Technology, flowing pressure acting on a piston puts an axial force on a precise pin and at an exact set point the pin buckles by Euler’s law. The clapper is released when the piston rises in milliseconds and moves the system flow to a bubble tight seal. The need for a relief valve is eliminated, as is the need for fluid venting, as the excess pressure is isolated, preventing downstream damage. The valve is available in sizes 2”-10” with a pressure rating of +/- 5% accuracy of set point.
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