AMOT’s new slim-line butterfly valves

The new PVA slim-line air-operated butterfly valves with integral cast hose connection ends from Chalwyn are ideal for fitting into the short hoses between the intercooler and manifold of modern trucks including Scania, MAN and Mercedes Benz.

High temperature seals on both the main disc and pneumatic actuator make these valves suitable for installations where the compressed air post turbo- charger can reach up to 120°C.

The new valves are initially available in three sizes: 2.8”, 3.5” and 5.5”. For vehicles with air brakes, they should be connected to system components including the Chalwyn SVA-200 Pneumatic Control Valve and the RGR-1S Electric Speed Switch. This gives effective protection against overspeed in flammable areas such as refineries and LNG processing areas.

PVA valves include units designed for medium to large trucks and cranes with non-failsafe automatic reset after engine shutdown allowing restart without manual intervention. In areas such as offshore rigs where failsafe operation is needed (such as to comply with ATEX directives and EN 1834) Chalwyn also offers the PVA range in air-to-open versions (normally closed).

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