Acrodyne actuation for the fire-fighting industry

 Acrodyne has developed the Koei Unic-05 24 V DC electric actuator as the industry standard for actuation of quick opening ball valves for firefighting trucks. The crew of these trucks work in dangerous environments with fast-moving and unpredictable conditions. As a protection these trucks are designed with a reticulation system that produces a water curtain around the truck thus cooling it and providing a safe environment for the crew. A number of trucks with these protective features already installed were involved in burnover situations during the Black Saturday bushfires and it was found that the systems played a significant part in protecting crews from injury or death.

The water curtain is activated by a temperature sensor which powers the Unic-05 actuators to open the valves in 4sec flat producing an almost instantaneous water mist through a spraying system.

The unique design of the Unic-05 features a sturdy, compact motor built integral with the housing. This enables the actuator to withstand high vibration levels. The torque is transferred from the motor shaft via a gear cassette designed to achieve a max torque of 40Nm and a travel time of 4sec for 90-degree rotation. All mechanical forces are contained in a horizontal plane enabling less wear on moving parts and longer life of components.

The Koei Unic-05 actuator has been vigorously field tested by relevant fire authorities and has successfully withstood all tests.

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