42T helps Linde Gases develop valve innovation

42 Technology (42T) has been working with Linde Gases, a division of the global company The Linde Group, to help develop an innovative new valve for industrial gas cylinders that will be useful worldwide.

The EVOS Ci cylinder package, which comprises a specially designed valve and protective guard, is being rolled out to all sales regions over the next few months.

42T was responsible for leading the mechanical engineering development team for EVOS Ci, which was developed and brought to market following extensive user research, competitor analysis and product trials spanning four countries. The valve uses a unique, quick-action lever in place of the more traditional hand-wheel mechanism and at the same time allows users to see from a distance whether the valve is open or closed.

Additional features include: A safety ‘interlock’ system to reduce the risk of the valve being opened accidentally; a guard mechanism to protect the valve while providing easy access to attach or remove regulators; an ergonomically-designed grip so cylinders can be more easily manoeuvred and lifted; and a live content gauge so users can read cylinder pressures at a glance – without having to connect a regulator. The EVOS Ci cylinder package has been designed to work with all industrial gases – such as argon, acetylene, carbon dioxide mixes and hydrogen.

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